Wouter Gerber 4X4 Conversions are both technologists and traditionalists, they stand for old fashioned hand fitted finishes and high technology fitments. Wouter Gerber 4X4 Conversions have been responsible for many industry adopted innovations. They specialise in custom solutions and not just standard bolt-on fittings. Wouter Gerber 4X4 Conversions have long established and proprietary relationships with select sub-contractors who manufacture specialist components for their conversions.

Master Craftsmen is probably the most appropriate description for the company, within the limits of specification and safety they will accept any conversion project. It will be correctly designed, specified and implemented. Their expertise and integrity guarantees the finished product. These are the maxims of true Master Craftsmen and for Wouter Gerber 4X4 Conversions there is no other way!

Gerber 4x4 Conversions Customizations

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